The Ten Commitments – Rentals

The Ten Commitments

Our Promise to Property Investors

1. The Rental Guarantee

We guarantee that your tenant’s rent will always be paid up to date. If your tenant is late in rent payments, we will personally cover any shortfall. We are confident with our tenant selection process, and believe we should be responsible for your income being consistent and reliable.

2. Communication

Our philosophy is ‘We contact you before you contact us’. We keep you updated, so you know the progress of your property. Good communication is our priority.

3. Quarterly Routine Inspections

Your property will be inspected every 12 weeks and an inspection report with colour photos will be emailed to you after each time. You will see photos of recent maintenance completed, and see visible evidence of the tenants taking care of your investment.

4. We are Available 24/7

We are on call 24/7. If you call the landline after hours, it is automatically diverted to the Principal’s mobile number. If you need to speak to us after hours, we are here for you. If your tenants have an emergency, we are available. Our plumber and electrician are also on call 24/7.

5. Advertising Your Property

There is no cost to your for this. We advertise the property on as a ‘Feature Property’, so it is given priority placement over other rentals we are competing with. Feature Property listings are $67 each, but at no cost to you. We advertise on, and also on These are the top three websites for property rentals on the Sunshine Coast.

6. No Hidden or Ongoing Fees

We do not charge admin fees, maintenance fees, statement fees or any other outgoing fees.

7. We Cover Your Expenses

We pay all expenses from your rental account. If a large expense is due and your account is low, we cover this cost until your account is able to reimburse us.

8. Tenants Pay for Water Usage

We will invoice the tenants for their water usage, at $3.45 / KL (the maximum allowed), and refund your rental account with this amount every three months.

9. Three Day Vacancy Plan

Tenants provide a minimum of two weeks’ notice when vacating. Before a tenant vacates, we activate a marketing strategy, designed to secure new tenants who will commence paying rent three days after the previous tenants have moved out.

10. Location of Office

We are @ 21 Birtwill Street, next to ‘THE CAF’, in our own, recently renovated, highly visible office. We are easy to find, and we are easy to deal with.