The Ten Commitments – Sales

The Ten Commitments

Selling Property

1. Achieve the Highest Price

We clearly demonstrate to buyers why your property is advertised at the chosen price, by providing them with supporting recent sales data. This strengthens our position when it comes to negotiating on the final sale price.

2. 60 Days

We only ask for a 60 day exclusive agreement. You are not trapped in for 90 days with us. Our targeted marketing strategies produce results quickly.

3. Private Inspections

We create a buying environment with private inspections. We walk each buyer around the property, highlighting key points, and asking very specific questions. We will determine why they have chosen to look at your property, and we will discover what other properties they have seen. This information is very important and strengthens our position during negotiation. In certain situations, an open house may be a more suitable option, however, we can work together to determine the correct strategy for your property.

4. Conjunctions

We are happy to conjunct with any other agency. If another agency has a buyer for your property, we will all work together to achieve a positive result for you. If another agent contacts you, please remind them that we will conjunct, and pass on our details to them.

5. Costs

We design a marketing plan and a commission structure that suits you. We have flexible options with advertising and commission rates. Together, we will create a strategy so powerful, and so cost effective, that you will wish you had more properties to sell with us!


Your property will maintain a prominent position on We make sure the listing doesn’t get lost in the search criteria, and we make sure all buyers are aware your property is for sale.

7. Domain

We have secured the Top Spot on in Coolum, so, if a buyer searches within your price range, your property will appear at the very top of the search criteria, every time, until sold!

8. Energy

We are highly motivated, highly organised, and efficient. We get buyers excited about your property. We highlight the key selling points, which will likely be those that motivated you to purchase in the first place. We arrive 15 minutes before each inspection, turn all lights on, open all doors and windows, and present the property so that the first impression lasts. We need to make sure the buyers have a ‘wow’ moment upon arrival! You don’t get a second chance at a first impression.

9. Communication

We will be consistently communicating and updating you during the entire campaign, right through to settlement. You will know who has been to the property, who is coming to the property, who our strongest leads are, and what strategy we are exercising at any particular moment. Communication is key, and so we will also use these skills when working with buyers, discovering what it is that has drawn them to your property, but also what other properties they have looked at. This information, if used correctly will strengthen our position during negotiations.

10. 24/7

We are available to you, and all buyers, 24/7. We will do what is needed to sell your property. If that means receiving a call from a buyer on a Saturday night, to complete an inspection on a Sunday, then consider it done. If it means doing an inspection on a public holiday, no problem, done!

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